What Is ArcusStone

ArcusStone is a patented limestone coating, developed in Europe in the 1960′s primarily for restoring historic stone structures. The stone is typically applied as a 3/8″ coating over a stable substrate.

Ideal for commercial and residential projects as well as renovations, ArcusStone is the dream solution when finish and texture are crucial to your project’s success.

Who is ArcusStone Products, and how do we distinguish ourselves from our competition?

ArcusStone Products is an organization of talented, artistic people, committed to pioneering affordable natural stone technology. Our goal is to create crushed stone plaster mixes, which can be applied and finished in the field or used in cast stone formulas. As such, the ArcusStone can be textured, honed and finished like cut stone, or given the look of a more rustic field stone.

Why use ArcusStone?

The primary advantages of ArcusStone Products are:

Cost: Our applicators can create a stone finish at a fraction of the cost of purchasing, transporting, and installing cut stone and the material can be easily carved when wet.

Design flexibility: Because the material is in plaster form it can be applied over any shape. Unlike cut stone, colors, textures, patterns and carvings can be controlled by the applicator.

Finish: The limestone mineral in ArcusStone can be honed or polished to produce a natural stone finish – not a “faux” finish. That means it will look and wear better.

How do you use ArcusStone?

Because ArcusStone is a totally integrated and color coordinated system of natural limestone, the products can be used alone or in any combination. Our stone mixes are field applied by ArcusStone Trained Applicators, and are also used by ArcusStone Trained Manufacturers who produce finished products at their factories.

Factory products areavailable through applicators, dealers or the licensed manufacturers.

ArcusStonecoat – field applied limestone coating

ArcusPlaster – field applied limestone plaster

Coated Foam – foam shapes coated with limestone coating

Tile – cementitious backer board coated with ArcusStone

Cast Limestone – Columns, Fireplaces, Architectural Elements, etc.




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