Architectural Specifications

Architectural Specifications for ArcusStone® Finishes
For a product classified as a “decorative limestone coating”, ArcusStonecoat™ is anything but delicate. With a compressive strength of 5,805 psi, and a flexural strength of 1,043 psi – it provides a level of strength and endurance that’s ahead of just about anything out there. Commercial. Residential. New or Remodel. Interiors. Exteriors. Floors. Ceilings. Cast Ornamental Architectural Shapes, Columns and Capitol. Window and Door surrounds. Crown Moldings. Etc. Sculpted into a convincing laid stone facade, or polished to a palatial shine.

Clearly this is not faux stone. ArcusStone® products are made with crushed limestone that’s reconstituted with proprietary formulas, giving ArcusStonecoat™ its limestone qualities, and ArcusPlaster™ a strength almost unheard of in the stucco, plastering, and casting universe.

ArcusStone puts real stone where you want it, with wealth of colors, for considerably less than quarried stone. The Art of Limestone.™

ArcusStone … today’s stone for today’s industry

St. Regis Resort & Residences

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